Our story

This is our story


First steps

Zartis setup to build cloud based HR solutions. It consisted of an entrepreneur, developer and designer. Our first investor said to us, “We don’t know what you’re doing. We don’t think you know what you’re doing. But we think you’ll figure it out”.



Ryanair Plane

It was Ryanair

Ryanair first large company to signup to our service.





Our innovations started over noodles. We saw a gap in the market – a more innovative approach to recruiting.

May 2011


ATS launched

Five months of furious coding and take-out noodles later, Zartis ATS was launched on November 2011.

July 2011



Three employees grew to five. We also went surfing together for the first time.

March 2012


First on board

We secured our first large client, Lufthansa. We had started making life easier.

May 2012

Christmas jumper

First Christmas party

Noel wore a strange and beguiling Christmas jumper. That’s all we remember.

December 2012

Globe of Europe

Getting out

Over the next two years we worked hard on many projects that revolved around recruitment as a social tool. It took us all around the world, from Amsterdam and New York to Russia and Spain.

January 2013


Another lightbulb moment

After talking to our clients on a regular basis, we realised that there was another gap in the market; why don’t we simply match talent with companies. Matchmaking for the tech community if you like. We set to work on what would become Zartis Talent.

July 2013


Talent launch

Zartis Talent was born. It matches amazing people to great tech companies or as Noel our CTO likes to put it… ‘companies.employers.add(candidate);’.

August 2013

Michael O'Leary

A successful year

Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair appoints Zartis to build the world’s best digital travel team at Ryanair Labs. Six months later over 30 talented professionals are placed through Zartis including Ryanair’s new CTO.

June 2014

Zartis Team

Zartis Talent is One!

Our baby became one this year and finally stopped dribbling. Our team has grown even bigger too.

December 2014

infinity and beyond…
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