The process is very straight forward. If you’re hiring a software developer the candidate will probably qualify for a Critical Skills Permit. Almost all of the roles involved in software development from UX through to automated QA are covered. 

The job offer to the candidate must be for 2 years or more. The salary must be over €30,000. 

The candidate must have a degree relevant to the role you’re hiring them for. They’ll need to provide you with a copy of their University degree, a colour copy of their passport and a passport sized photograph. 

The application process is due to change in September and apparently a new online application process is being setup to make things run faster. Employers currently need a copy of their recent Paye/PRSI receipt (P30) from Revenue. This can be downloaded from ROS.

Legitimate applications are currently being approved in about 6 weeks (if anybody from the Department is reading this please correct me if I’m wrong). The cost of the Critical Skills Permit is €1,000. If the application is rejected 90% is refunded. 

An employee on the the Permit is pretty much tied to their employer for the first 12 months. After 12 months they can be hired by another company but only if the new employer applies for a new Permit. After two years it’s much easier for the employee to change jobs. 

So far in 2016 the single biggest beneficiary of Critical Skills Permits is the National Health Executive with 1,015 permits issued (it’s not just for techies). The next biggest is Google with 173. Only two other companies have over 100 permits (Intel and Infosys). The vast majority of companies getting permits are only getting one each. 

It’s surprising that with a critical shortage of tech talent in Ireland that companies are not availing of the service more frequently. Data nerds can dig into further info here.

If you’re interested in hiring the tech talent you should talk to us. We’ve helped many of the best tech companies in Ireland bring talent in from outside of Ireland.