The first rainy night in Madrid for months and I was spending it looking for a decent film to watch, so I could wrap myself in a blanket and get my mind off work.  “You need to seriously stop checking your emails!” is what I’ve been getting lately and she’s right.  More and more I have found myself disconnected from the the things that matter most in life and paying entirely too much attention on whether my candidate is getting that offer or not.  

From reading the description of the film  “A Family Man”, I was interested right off the bat.  “(Gerard Butler) is a successful Chicago-based corporate headhunter who works at the Blackridge Recruitment agency.  Yeah…I know, trying to take my mind off work by watching a movie about my work.  My other half wasn’t pleased, but we went ahead and watched it. The film is about a recruiter, but the term Headhunter is more appropriate. He is totally absorbed by his work, worrying only about making placements, hitting his monthly target and not caring what candidates or clients he screws over to get the end result. All the while being totally disconnected from his wife and kids, until one of his kids gets cancer and our central character realizes that he can´t get back the time he lost with his son. I can go on but you get the general idea of the film.  It taught me a lesson. The ending was a happy one. It opened my eyes and helped me realize a couple of things.

For one, I’m lucky to be working with a company like Zartis. Where the Blackridge recruitment agency only cared about money, numbers, and KPI’s and using some pretty sketchy methods to secure placements; Zartis believes in being honest with clients. I have been witness on more than one occasion where instead of making false promises to a client and promising them the moon, we take the honest approach. Telling them genuinely if we are able to help them or not,  even if it means losing that client. Our company culture is amazing.  “I have to get my 3 placements by the end of this month or I am going to get fired!!” You’ll never hear that phrase in our offices. Like all companies, we need to deliver to stay in business, but we take a different road to get there.

The management team at Zartis has always guided me from my first day here telling me “If you try your best the results will come”.  They recognize that If I’m sick they rather send me home and rest so I’ll be 100% when I return. I replied to one of my boss’s emails late in the evening and got the lecture about “you need to disconnect in your free time”.  They understand that each project is different and each worker will perform differently depending on the needs of their clients. This is radically different from what I saw in “A Family Man” and makes me wonder if the majority of placement agencies are like this.  If they are, I feel lucky to work at Zartis where emphasis is placed on helping out clients and candidates to the best of our ability. We make mistakes, and don’t always reach the standards we set for ourselves, but we certainly try to treat people well.

Being asked in the film “What does your dad do for a living?” Our hero’s son responded “He helps find jobs for other dads so they can take care of their families”.  This is the kind of satisfaction I got when I made my first placement not too long ago and what my colleagues feel when they place someone. The feeling that I affected someone’s life and had a hand in making it better.  This is what sets Zartis apart.