In recent years we’ve helped non-Spanish companies figure out how best to work with talent based in Spain. A lack of contracting culture in Spain means hiring can be extremely challenging for foreign-based companies who don’t have a legal entity in place. We’ve helped clients work with sales and software engineering talent in Spain quickly and cost-effectively all while avoiding stacks of paperwork. This has included solutions for individual contributors and more sizable teams.

Contracting in Spain – The Candidate Perspective

Spanish workers tend not to choose contracting at any stage in their career. This is in stark contrast to their counterparts in Northern Europe where contracting is very common, and is seen by professionals as a great way to make some cash. One of the key reasons for the relatively low number of autónomos (contractors) in Spain is it is quite a difficult and prohibitive process to get set up. This is very different to the UK, Germany and Ireland, where you can immediately accept an offer and quickly get set up as a sole trader or with a limited company. Secondly, in Spain, there is a strong preference for the job security that comes with a full-time role. It’s very much a young college or university leaver’s aspiration to secure a full-time job. This provides some insight on why non-Spanish based companies find it difficult to hire freelancers and contractors there.

How Zartis can Help

We help companies that are in a variety of situations. Some are establishing a presence in Spain from scratch and want to hire one or more people. Others have a candidate or candidates lined up who do not want to operate as contractors. Some more have had one contractor in place with a need to grow a team. In some instances, the need comes from a current employee wanting to return home to Spain (more on this here).

The one thing our clients have in common is wanting to act quickly, and avoid wasting time and energy on admin and non-core business activities.

If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch and we will be happy to share our knowledge and experience