Video should play a part in your employer branding

As online video audiences continue to grow, more content is being pushed through this channel. Content consumption online is also changing. Visual content (photo,video and imagery) can engage a candidate quicker than text.

Have you ever said something like: ‘the candidate did not read the job specification’.

You are probably right. The candidate may not have fully read the job specification. In fact, the job description may have been so generic that the candidate was not encouraged to read it. The question must be asked, should job descriptions be promoted and marketed more effectively or should the candidate read more?

If I buy a product online, I can see the product, watch a product video, read short reviews and if required* read the product description (*normally not required).

If I search for any topic online I can view text, image or video results.

If I was to make a big decision like changing jobs, I struggle to find visual content. Text works fine for providing information like the skills required for the job. As a candidate, the skills required for the job are only a small fraction of the information required to help a candidate make a decision to apply.

Here are some questions candidates want answered:

1. What is it like to work there?

2. Who are my new work colleagues?

3. What is the company culture?

4. What does the office look like?

5. What does the area/region have to offer?

It is difficult task to convey this information in a text job description. Visual content can engage the candidate, encouraging them to complete the application form. It will answer the questions that are left unanswered in a job description and provide the candidate with the reassurance to take the first step in the process of changing jobs.

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Video should play a part in your employer branding was last modified: July 28th, 2014 by John Dennehy

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