It’s the skills gap, stupid!

Almost every economy is experiencing a well-documented skills gap due to the shortage of IT professionals. But there’s another skills gap that poses a potentially bigger problem: the ability to identify skills and map that availability to a company’s hiring needs.

In very small companies the founder(s) is usually deeply involved in building the team and can usually identify talent when they see it. Some very large companies keep tech recruitment in specialist tech recruitment teams with input from hiring managers. This helps.

The problem is that a lot of people in a lot of companies, including some recruitment agencies, sometimes don’t know what they’re actually looking for.

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a candidate looking for work as a Java developer in Dublin. He has 1.5 years experience. He has an under-grad and a post-grad in computer science. He is fluent in English and German. His salary expectations are realistic. He’s a great communicator and a nice guy.

Why doesn’t he have a job yet? It’s the skills gap, stupid! The skills gap to identify his talent and map it to the hiring needs of a company. We need to be honest about this and we need to fix it. It’s the weakest link in the chain and if it’s broken then the whole recruitment process will remain broken.

Contact me now if you want to talk to the Java developer. John (at)

It’s the skills gap, stupid! was last modified: July 29th, 2014 by John Dennehy

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