There has been a lot of buzz lately from our side  about NearShoring, so we figured we would write a little about the nontraditional ways we do traditional recruitment!


By now you have probably read a lot about our Extended Development Teams services, but did you know that is only part of what we do? The other part focuses on finding talent for specific roles through recruitment. What kind of recruitment you may ask? Well, there are two; Contingency and ProSearch.


A client opting for contingency recruitment would be sent a number of candidate portfolios til the most suitable profiles are chosen. We help in the recruitment process on each step, guiding the candidates, getting tips and feedback and setting up calls. We charge only on the basis of hires. Until the company hires one of our candidates, we basically work with you for free!


ProSearch, on the other hand, is favored by clients who would like more autonomy over the hiring process. You get to have a team member of ours as your in-house recruiter for a specific period by which time they will deliver a pipeline. It is also much easier to have an overview of your spending, as here we would agree on a fixed price per recruiter. You, of course, get to prolong the services if you need more candidates!


Each service accommodates the customer needs in a different way;



Contingency ProSearch
  • Zartis gives a helping hand by managing the interview process.
  • Our employee works as part of your team in the process and helps candidates on your behalf.
  • Zartis is the face for candidates and they can be reassigned to other openings, if not in process with you.
  • The outreach is made through your company’s name and you get first ownership of the candidates.
  • You can get unlimited number of profiles until a hire is made.
  • You continue to get new profiles until the end of the service period.
  • Fixed rate (%) based on candidate’s salary.
  • Fixed daily rate per recruiter.


All good, but how to know which one works better for you?


Contingency services are perfect for you if;

You are looking for a very specialized position and you know that you will hold candidates to the highest standards. Companies with more financial freedom usually opt out for this option as they do not have to worry about an unfixed fee. It is better for your company if your HR team oversees other aspects of the business and not just recruitment. You basically get to outsource this aspect.


ProSearch services are perfect for you if;

You are looking to create a database of cool candidates who you would want to reach out to. Here, our focus is delivering as many candidates as possible in a shorter amount of time. We help you in the process but if there is someone submitted to you that is on-hold; this person will remain your lead, not ours. So, you do not have to worry about closing leads within the time you work with us.


Reach out to us today at and we will help you decide what fits your team’s needs best!