Let’s start with the fundamentals – nearshoring means outsourcing to a nearby country rather than a more distant one. Whether you want to outsource a specific branch of your company or set up a team to capture a new market, nearshore locations are the fastest-growing way to make it happen.

We ended up in the nearshoring business by accident. A client asked us to set up a small fullstack developer team for them, and we gave it our best shot. Two years on and we have 21 engineers working for that client alone. We partner with US and European companies to help them hire high performing teams in Southern and Eastern Europe, and we’ve been learning a lot on this journey.

This might be stating the obvious but a key ingredient for success is having engineers with the right attitude, motivation and cultural flexibility. Most of the developers we hire are from Spain, Latin America and Eastern Europe, and they need to be able to adapt to the style and expectations of US and Northern European clients. Strong communication skills are essential, and we often find that engineers with international experience have already gained the necessary capabilities.

We also strive to ensure engineers feel like a part of the client’s team. We get client branding on the walls of their assigned office in our business center, and assign project managers from Zartis to liaise between engineers and clients, helping to instill a culture of high performance. We’ve also observed a discernible relationship between environment and performance. As we have invested more in our business center, we have seen a strong uptick in general positivity.

Nearshoring is no longer about cost, though we do manage to help our clients save money. Increasingly, it’s more about accessing top talent from a new pool, and spinning up strong development skills quickly. Countries like Spain and Poland provide excellent opportunities in terms of the quality of engineers. Companies from the US and Northern Europe can offer engineers in these locations the chance to work with newer technologies for good salaries, while keeping their English language skills fresh.

Client companies can have a team hired and operational within 8 to 12 weeks, while we look after recruiting, office management, legal and compliance, local HR – everything down to getting your logo on the coffee mugs of your developers. We’re always happy to be contacted for advice on nearshore options in Europe. Feel free to connect with us!