Founded in 2013, Nubank has become one of the hottest Brazilian fintech startups and one of the top tech firms to work for. Their highly innovative approach to digital banking empowers millions of customers to take control of their finances while using a fee-free banking card. With more than USD 330 million in funding, they are the leading mobile banking solution for the Latin American market.

Recently, they have opened a tech office in the heart of Berlin to boost the engineering needs of the company. The decision to open up an office in Berlin came with the idea to create the best engineering team with talent from around the globe. The Berlin tech scene attracts the best developers worldwide, who are not afraid of using cutting-edge technologies to fuel innovation.

The focus of the company remains the Latin American market while creating a strong engineering unit in Berlin. Nubank’s Berlin office is primarily centred around data-infrastructure aiming to develop new Nubank products while exploring the latest technologies. With a strong focus on functional programming, they are highly contributing to the Clojure community by hosting meetups and events in Berlin.

Nubank is currently growing the team in Berlin and hiring IT experts from the region. The office is very international, with focus on diversity and equal opportunities for everyone. The startup-like culture makes for easy integration of every new staff member and offers an excellent working environment!

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