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Promoted Tweets for recruitment – it’s the mobile stupid

We’re running a promoted Tweet campaign for a client. The client is a well respected games software company. They’re looking to hire software developers. The objective of the campaign is to attract developers with Java, C, C++, or Python experience.

We’ve got good experience in using promoted Tweets for recruitment. We started our campaigns with engagement rates of less than 0.5%. So for every 200 people that saw our ad only 1 engaged by clicking on it, favouriting it, or retweeting it.

I’m looking at the results from our campaign and there’s some interesting data. Firstly, the overall engagement rate is 2.18%. 4x what we were getting two months ago. What’s also unusual is that the engagement rate on Android devices is over 2x the rate on iOS devices. Maybe that’s a developer thing.

Secondly, eighty percent (yes, eight zero) of all engagement came from users on mobile. That’s an amazing revelation. If that traffic is diverted to an old fashioned ATS its completely wasted.

Twitter works for recruitment. But people engagement on their mobiles. So ditch your legacy ATS and start hiring again.