Recruiting on Twitter with lead generation cards

Zartis is the first company in the world to use Twitter Lead Generation cards for recruiting. Recruiting on Twitter is a hot topic as their user-base continues to grow, now surpassing 400 million users.

We have rolled a service to Zartis clients to help with recruiting on Twitter and the results are very promising.

Here is how we do it:

We create a high impact job description in 140 characters and a graphic to attract the attention of your target audience. (below is an example of 2 jobs we promoted for Zartis customer charity :water and Hewlett Packard)

twitter cards for recruiting Twitter lead generation cards

When a Twitter user accepts the offer or clicks ‘Learn More’ their details are shared with the recruiter including first name, last name and email address. With the availability of public data online, a recruiter does not require any more information to identify the candidates skill-set.

The email address allows you to search on other networks including linkedin to review the candidates resume and relevance to the job description.

If the candidates skill-set looks like a match for your company you can reach out to that candidate as you have already captured their email. This is a warm lead as the candidate will have signaled intent to learn more about working for your company by clicking on the Lead Generation Twitter Card.

Keyword targeting and/or Search results:

Keyword targeting has proved to be more successful in attracting an audience to the promoted Twitter cards. You can target a users timeline by keywords they have previously mentioned in their tweets (example: a developer may have mentioned github).

Search results target users who search for specific words/terms in the search bar of Twitter.

In our experience to date, targeting timelines by keywords has proved more successful.

The Results:

Although we are unable to share exact results Zartis clients have acheived we can point out some interesting observations.

  • Targetting by keyword proves more successful for ‘shortage skilled roles’ 
  • A high % of leads willingly accept communication from the recruiter
  • The visual content is more important than ever
  • Candidate conversion rates are higher (3X) on mobile devices than laptops/desktops
  • Some candidates have been hired already

Talk to us about twitter cards for recruiting today.


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