Twitter and paid recruitment advertising

Lots of very smart people use Twitter. If that’s where highly-skilled professionals invest their time then that’s where recruitment advertisers should invest their money.

Today Twitter announced the availability of pay-as-you-go advertising for all companies in Ireland and the UK. The mechanics are simple. You login to with your existing Twitter account details, enter your credit card, create a campaign and launch your first promoted Tweet.

There are a few things that we really like. First, its very easy to set up and very quick to launch a campaign. Second, most people use Twitter on their mobile. This is good for recruitment marketing as there’s no fear of bosses looking over shoulders on a work PC or log files showing visits to job sites.  It’s a very personal experience.

Twitter limits the amount of ads a person sees in their timeline. This is a good thing. Think of the news feed in LinkedIn. Only somebody with recruitment ad OCD could enjoy it.

We’re lucky enough to have been working with Twitter’s advertising tools for a long time. Here is some advice we’d like to share from our experience:

Invest time in crafting a well-worded Tweet. “Company X is hiring a Ruby on Rails developer” is fine, but really, if you’re paying to promote a message and you expect people to engage with it, give the copy some serious thought.

It’s a two-way channel. The most interaction billboard advertising gets is a bit of graffiti. Twitter is clearly different and people will interact with you. This could be a positive in the form of ReTweets, which is free amplification of your message; or it could be negative, telling you you’re spamming their timeline. How will you deal with that? (you can choose not to show responses if you really want).

Build your audience carefully. It’s technically simple to build your audience. You can use the usual filters like interests, geography etc. If you get the right audience and the right message you’ll see very high engage rates. We got over 10% with one campaign.

Keywords are key. Try targeting based on keywords that are (close to) unique for your candidates. Getting this right will drive engagement much higher.

You pay for engagements. Think about that. If you put a hashtag in the Tweet and somebody clicks on the hashtag you pay for that even though it doesn’t drive traffic to your landing page.

Generate leads not CVs. If you advertise for a Java Developer and land them into your existing careers site you will likely generate a conversion rate close to zero. Think about it. First, people reading your ad are probably on mobile (you can target desktop only but its not the way forward). If they’re on mobile they probably won’t or can’t upload their CV into your ATS. More importantly, take a look at your careers site on mobile. Chances are if you’re paying a lot of money for an ATS, it’s rubbish. You’ll end paying to annoy people. Try generating leads that you can follow up with, engage with via email, and maybe then ask them for a CV.

Finally, Lead Generation Cards are really, really powerful. We’ve used these in a couple of recruitment campaigns and when used right are probably the best recruitment tool we’ve seen.

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Twitter and paid recruitment advertising was last modified: July 28th, 2014 by John Dennehy

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