What will be the most in-demand skill sets for tech companies in 2018? It’s something I just started to wonder about, maybe a little late, as we are well into February. However, it’s a subject worth examining as the tech recruitment landscape shifts and changes so quickly. As I began to source for information on this topic it became obvious to me that designers are in very high demand. Many sources I came across had one thing in common: Product Designers, UI, Frontend Developers and Digital Project Managers are all going to be very hot this year. UX Designers however will trump everything else, and candidates with the relevant skills for this role can expect a high level of attention from recruiters on Linkedin.

For the uninitiated, UX Designers take charge of creating a positive experience for those users who interact with a website or app. Some of their functions include user testing, wire-framing and research. Why are companies investing so much in UX right now? Well, we think tech companies are increasingly aware that the very best websites and products have one thing in common – they are all very easy to use and understand. There are many startups who are adopting the Software as a Service model and converting regular users into paying customers is a very big priority. Understanding user flows and journeys is exactly what a UX Designer must think about when it comes to the design of the product.

In addition, any talent for SaaS in the cloud will also be in demand. Expect companies to be hiring talent with experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python, Microsoft Hyper-V, DevOps containers among others. We all know by now that artificial intelligence, augmented reality and machine learning is here to stay and there will be a rise in hiring for software developers and engineers with prior experience in these fields. With the rise of these new technologies you can bet that companies will be investing heavily in this field.

Finally, I’m sure many of you have heard of the network and infiltration hacking that’s been on the rise recently. Companies are going to have to take better precautions and start implementing stronger protection for their data as well as ours. This industry is going to need more expertise and deeper skills in this area.

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