Here’s a brief summary of how we got to where we are today.


Opened 2 new offices in London and Poland.


We setup our Berlin office and added Fexco, Ireland’s largest fintech company, as our latest Extended Development Team in Madrid.


We built our first Extended Development Team in Madrid for Valant, a Seattle based medtech company. We worked with Danish local government to relocate software developers to Copenhagen’s games and fintech sectors.


We setup our Madrid office and provided inhouse recruitment services for companies including and Zendesk in Dublin.


Our client list for recruitment services grew to include mostly fast-growing Irish tech companies and US tech companies setting up in Europe.


Our first large retained recruitment client was Ryanair. We created a branded careers site for Ryanair Labs, implemented our software solution, and successfully sourced a new CTO and 50 software developers for the company. We also launched the first interactive job ad on Twitter.


We launched Make IT in Ireland, a social media marketing campaign to attract IT professionals to Ireland. The project was funded by Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Microsoft, Oracle and others including the Irish government.


Our software became 100% focused on recruitment., our Applicant Tracking System has customers across the US, Europe and Asia.


We started out to build software as a service solutions in the area of HR and recruitment. Our first investor said: “We don’t understand what you’re doing. We don’t think you understand what you’re doing. But we think you’ll figure it out.”

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