Interview Preparation

Boosting Your Effectiveness At Interview

It can be hard to get into the right frame of mind to do an effective interview. You need to be confident, without coming across as arrogant, and minimise the nervousness you feel (or at least display).

Thankfully, some behavioural scientists have identified a small but powerful ‘hack’ for improving interview performance. The interview performance technique was developed and tested by researchers at Columbia Business School and INSEAD. The technique usually increases the odds of acceptance by 80%, and all you need to do is this:

For 10 minutes before your interview write about a time you felt powerful. Describe the situation, how you felt, what you did et cetera. Then do the interview. It is a simple but powerful method.

The 8 Things You Need to Do to Nail That Interview

So you want to nail that interview in style? Here are things you should know.

1. Manage your approach

An interview is fundamentally a discussion, and to approach this discussion from a position of informed curiosity is a powerful thing; you know what this company is all about on paper, however you want to learn from the people on the other side of the table how they see the company and its mission, and to discover what their vision is for the role you are interviewing for.

2. Do your research

Make sure to research the company, press releases regarding the company and also any relevant industry information. Most companies will have all this information available on their website, although you may have to look a little further for information on the industry they operate in.

3. Look the part

Wear what you would be expected to wear to work at the very least, and inform yourself about the dress code in the company or ask your contact person at Zartis. If it looks like you have just rolled out of bed it more than likely may work against you in the long run.

4. Strike the right tone

More than anything, you need to come across as a positive, likeable, upbeat person with an optimistic disposition. Speak positively about all of your previous employers, and avoid any complaining as this will make you look like a negative person.

5. Highlight your achievements

You need to outline in the first few minutes how your key accomplishments make you a great fit for the role. Clearly, succinctly and honestly you must explain how you were successful, what skills you developed and how you grew as a person through this experience.

6. Show your personality

Who you are as an individual should shine through, along with your professional traits. Questions around your hobbies and interests give you an opportunity to show flashes of personality, and these can often help your interviewers discern whether you are a match for their business.

7. Show your interest

Aside from doing your research, one of the best way of showing your enthusiasm and interest in a role is to take full advantage of the opportunity you will usually be given to ask the interviewer a question. Here you can demonstrate the research you have done by mentioning specific products or press releases you have read.

8. Empathise

The final piece of advice we can give you is to try and empathise with your interviewers. The night before your interview, sit with a pen and some paper and imagine that you are the hiring manager or HR person on the other side of the table. Sketch down the qualities you would like to see in a candidate for this role, and then figure out how you can communicate your match to these qualities.

And remember, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get the job; all you can do is your best.