It’s funny where I thought my career would go when I first joined Zartis, and how it’s now changed completely. I joined the Berlin team at an early stage – before that, I was actually doing marketing for the Coworking Space where the Zartis team used to work. Haha!


I’d already got to know the Zartis trio when I interviewed them as part of our alumni, and man, they were cool! When I heard they were hiring around the time my contract finished, I instantly went to Albena’s desk 🙂

I had little to no experience in recruitment, but they trusted that my great interpersonal skills would allow me to easily work with people from all around the world. Even though it was a deviation from marketing for me, I truly started enjoying recruitment and meeting people from, practically, everywhere. And it wasn’t just candidates, but also the Zartis teams in Madrid, UK and Ireland!


I think so far, I’ve had 3 major milestones in my career since I started working at Zartis. Hacked recruitment, improved in marketing, and helped enable LevelUp.


Zartis is the kind of company that lets you take initiative. If  you want something and have a plan on how to get there, they will let you try. So as well as recruitment, I soon started writing blog posts and doing more marketing again.Yeees! I could stay with the team I love and have it both ways.

In no time, marketing enthusiasts from 3 different Zartis locations were working together to create content and marketing strategies. I started a digital marketing course with one of our business partners, The Code Institute. Now, I am co-leading marketing with another teammate – growing more into the role every day.

Nevertheless, I think the best thing that came out of being at Zartis for me is LevelUp. It all started when our  CEO Padraig and Executive Chairman John emailed the team. They wanted to do something positive by creating an opportunity for asylum seekers and refugees in Ireland. The idea was to create a university scholarship and they were asking if we knew of anyone who might be interested. I sent them an email proposing a different idea – why don’t we put 10 people through coding education instead of 1 person through 4 years of college? In the end, we do IT recruitment, so it’s only fair if we follow up on that and get them placed in Irish companies.

The next day, I was still waiting to hear their response when the whole team received another email. Zartis would be starting a social responsibility campaign to support refugees and asylum seekers in Ireland, helping them to get into the IT job market. Just like that, I realized it was actually happening and I’d get to help run the project. Watch out for the success stories soon as they are getting hired by amazing companies!


For me, this shows just how quickly good ideas get realized at Zartis and how you can take on more tasks if you ask for them.


Now, I am doing recruitment, and digital marketing while running point on LevelUp, working with clients and onboarding new team members. If you’re looking for a place big enough to offer you resources to try new things, but cosy enough to grab drinks with your CEO after work, Zartis is seriously it. If you want to join us, my email is  – reach out!