Zartis Tech Interviews

Are your senior engineers spending too much time interviewing candidates, and not enough building product?

Would you like to only have highly suitable candidates in your interview pipeline?

At Zartis we use our own panel of highly skilled software engineers to conduct technical interviews, screening out those candidates who are not a good fit for your team, and ensuring that you only ever speak with the most suitable and motivated prospects.

How does it work?

understand requirements

We gather the requirements for your open role, learn about how you like to conduct interviews and get an understanding of what technical skills and experience matter most

source candidates

Zartis selects the most suitable interviewer from our panel of engineers, using criteria such as tech stack knowledge and level of experience


We screen out those candidates who are not a genuine match, saving your team time and allowing you to focus on those candidates who are a real fit

feedback and recommendation

You receive a short report on every interview so you can see whom we recommend and why, and also see who we have screened out

you Make the final decision

Your company can step in to run a final stage interview and make decisions

Why use the Zartis Tech Interviews Service?


Engineering teams are spending too much time interviewing unsuitable candidates, which is a big distraction from product

SAVE Money

There is a significant financial cost to having your software engineers interviewing instead of building features

Fast track

Most tech companies lose good candidates by taking too long to get interviews scheduled - we can fast track good candidates through the interview process and make sure you do not lose out

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