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Talent Acquisition Specialist, Version 1
“After I applied through Zartis, my life changed. Zartis helped me find my dream tech job in Dublin.”
German Account Manager, PayPal
“Zartis discovered a fit and I’m now working with a great team in a big company. I was 100% satisfied.”
Software Developer, Microsoft.
“If you are looking for a position in top tech companies located in Ireland, you should start with Zartis. Really nice treatment. Highly recommend.”
Web Developer Support, PayPal
“I thank Zartis for helping me to find my dream job and I would strongly encourage everyone to create a profile with them.”

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You don’t even need a CV and it’s completely free. Just sign in with LinkedIn and we’ll auto-complete your profile. We protect your privacy, you have full control over what companies can and can’t see.

  • We don’t post any details on LinkedIn
  • You’re hidden from your current employer
  • Your profile is automatically created from your LinkedIn details
  • You can easily edit your details
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We review your details and if there’s a match with industry needs we’ll showcase you to leading tech companies, on a private and secure site. Due to the volume of applications we can only show approx. 15% of profiles at any time.

  • Access to the best tech companies
  • Talk directly to the companies
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We're also looking for Customer Support and Tech Support with German, Dutch, French, or Nordic languages

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