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When I decided to move abroad, Zartis was a major help in actually doing it. They put me in contact with the right companies, and also cared about the entire recruitment processes. They truly tried to find the open positions that were matching my expectations.
If I have to highlight something about Zartis, it wouldn't just be their readiness, professionalism or great efficiency: I would definitely say that their best attribute is they make you feel you are not alone in the journey.
From the perspective of a jobseeker, Zartis really makes an effort to match the right candidate to the right job. I found them really easy to work with and they made sure to take the time to answer or address any questions or worries on my end.
I decided to have a new experience and move outside my home country in 2015. Zartis made this possible, by giving their best to make me feel comfortable for this change, and also making it clear what I could expect to find, as well as showing interesting opportunities to me.

Send us your CV and we'll get back to you with suitable roles.


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