• Easy to use

    Zartis is simple to use.
    Training really isn't needed.

  • Make savings

    Zartis is cost-effective.
    It will save you time and money.

  • Candidates

    All your candidates in one place.
    Easy to manage.

  • Job posting

    Post once, go everywhere: your
    website, job boards and social media.

  • Social recruiting

    Get your employees and contacts
    to help you hire.

  • Mobile recruiting

    Around 30% of job views are
    through mobile - convert them.

Post a job

Create or update a job once and Zartis will automatically push it out across the internet. Including:

  1. Your own website
  2. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  3. Job boards including Indeed.com, Trovit, SimplyHired, etc.
Zartis post job

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Zartis candidate pool

One talent pool

With Zartis, all candidates are in one place.

Candidates from your website, job boards and social media all go to Zartis. No more checking emails or spreadsheets.

Everything on a candidate in one place

Zartis makes it easier to manage candidates. Here is why:

  1. All incoming & outgoing emails are tracked within the system
  2. Add notes and rate candidates
  3. See what your colleagues think by forwarding them on the candidate's details or add them as a user
  4. Each candidate résumé and cover letter is fully searchable.
  5. Easy workflow and automatic emails to candidate.
Zartis manage candidate
Zartis website integrate

Website integration

Using Zartis, adding a careers portal to your website couldn't be simpler. There is no need to link off to an external site - with Zartis, all candidates stay on your website.

Adding the Zartis careers portal is as simple as pasting a few lines of code into a web page. It only takes 2 minutes.

We also have a plugin where you can add a careers portal to your WordPress site in seconds. Simple!


Zartis gives you the flexibility you need. Here is what we mean:

  1. Custom email templates on candidate arrival, rejected, interview, etc
  2. Update the text and style of your website integration to fit your brand
  3. Custom workflow - add whatever you wish (Phone Interview, Rejected after 2nd interview, etc)
  4. Custom questions on application - we allow you to get the information you need from your candidates.
Zartis customize
Zartis employee referrals

Social Referrals

Use the power of social media and ask your employees to help in your search for the best talent.

With Zartis Referrals your employees help by posting to their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts. They can also email a friend or add them directly to your candidate pool. You can see how many views and candidates each employee is getting and reward them accordingly.

Powerful reports & analytics

Zartis gives you the reports you need to figure out what is working and what is not.

  1. Track where candidates are coming from (your website, job boards, social media, etc)
  2. A source funnel to see how many people go from viewing the job, to applying to eventually being hired
  3. How long do candidates stay at each stage (arrival, screening, interviewing, etc). Find out where the slowdown is and hire people quicker
  4. Average time to hire
Zartis customize
Zartis employee referrals

Mobile Recruiting

Around 30% of job views occur on a mobile device - with Zartis, you can convert them.

All your jobs will appear on a mobile optimized careers site. We have also changed the application process on mobile devices. We know that people on the move don't have a CV - we have a solution for this.