Ireland the “Gateway to Europe”

Ireland, for many centuries, was seen as being on the edge of the world – the most westerly country in Europe. It was so far west the Roman Empire wanted nothing to do with us!

However, in the 21st century, the positioning of Ireland is very attractive. Ireland’s geographical location means that the shortest transatlantic travel times are between Ireland and the US. There are direct flights from Seattle to Ireland with the shortest flight times from NY and Boston.

Once you do land in Ireland you can see straight away that the country is very multicultural, with nationalities from any and every country in the world. The cities are cultural melting pots with diverse workforce that foster and create a unique work mentality, which is very open to new thoughts, ideas and ways of doing things!

Europeans want to come and work in Ireland for a few different reasons. Mainly it’s because Ireland is an English speaking country, based in Europe, with great transport links to the rest of Europe and the world. Workers from other EU states can come work in Ireland without a visa and do so in their thousands to work with the many US tech companies based here.

Why Ireland?

In general, there is not a lot of bureaucracy in Ireland. This goes for both setting up teams as well as the hiring non-EU tech workers. There is very little red tape, and both of these can be done relatively easy.

Basing a team in Ireland opens up the whole European talent pool and you can hire at the top end of the market, while still being kind to your budget. The salaries that companies offer are very competitive, and more often than not, workers enjoy a greater quality of life in Ireland.

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