We offer Extended Development Teams to help companies build engineering teams in Europe without the headaches of local recruitment, tax, facilities and compliance issues.

Here’s how it works:



You define what skills and resources you need. We help you select the best location.


Source and screen

We source local candidates. We screen them for language, culture and technical fit. A shortlist of candidates is presented to your team.



Your team interviews shortlisted candidates and selects the best. Interviews can be done remotely or onsite as final round interviews. We arrange all logistics.



Successful candidates are employed through our local entity in Ireland, Spain or Germany. We deal with all HR, contract, legal, tax and compliance issues. We also provide dedicated and secure office space, connectivity and any hardware/software configuration required.



Your Extended Development Team works 100% on your projects, under your guidance, and to your work practices.


Fast, low-risk, proven model to build software development teams

Select only the best talent

Access a massive new talent pool

One monthly invoice covers everything

No need to establish a legal entity in market

Option to transition team to full time employees

No complicated legal or compliance issues

No upfront fees. Pay only on success

To learn how we can help you build an Extended Development Team email us hello@zartis.com or use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us directly.

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