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Please note: we will only follow up if we believe we have a good chance of matching you with an open role.

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Let’s have a call – if we think there’s a potential match between your experience and our clients requirements. We’ll follow up to request a call with you. and ask you about your experience and skills.

We’ll send you a few exercises

For most roles we work on there’s a short online tech test and a tech interview. This is your opportunity to shine and show what you can do. Don’t worry it won’t take long.

Get offers

If you progress through the earlier steps, we’ll introduce you to exciting roles with our clients. We’ll help you through the interview process and give you info on the companies. Our goal is to help you get an offer you really want.

Candidates we’ve worked with us

They put me in contact with the right companies, cared about the entire recruitment processes and found the open positions that were matching my expectations.
If I have to highlight something about Zartis, it wouldn't just be their readiness, professionalism or great efficiency.
From the perspective of a jobseeker, Zartis really makes an effort to match the right candidate to the right job. I found them really easy to work with.
I decided to have a new experience and move outside my home country in 2015. Zartis made this possible, by making the change as easy as possible.

Some companies we work with

Ryanair Labs
Mastercard Labs

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